Artificial Plant Displays

Realistic Artificial Plants & Trees 

Indoor and Outdoor Replica Plant Displays for Offices, Hotels, Restaurants  and Showrooms

Our faux plants and trees are made using the latest technology and innovative new materials to create botanically accurate foliage. Try the ‘touch test’ to see if you can tell the difference! From faux trees on natural trunks to realistic hanging baskets, we cover the whole spectrum in realistic replica plant displays.


Simply pick and choose the best option for you:

Replica Plant Displays – Rental Option with maintenance package

In this package, you rent beautiful faux plant displays for your building which we will clean and change on a regular basis.


Replica Plant Displays – Purchase Option with maintenance package

In this package, you simply buy your artificial plant displays.  In addition, we will visit every quarter to clean your plants and reshape the foliage.


Replica Plant Displays – Purchase Option

Simply buy your replica plant which enhance your space.



Advantages of using Artificial Plants 

Minimal Maintenance  

Replica plants have many advantages – they need no watering, trimming or pruning and won’t die or become overgrown.  They are also ideal for hard to reach places where watering is often difficult.

Plants Look Realistic

Although live office plants are popular with many of our clients often they are not always suitable, for example in areas that are hard to access or have low light levels

Download our replica plant display brochure, or take a look at our gallery for some ideas – if you do not find what your are looking for send us an email or give us a call, we have an extensive range all of which is not shown.

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